Curling in PerthshireCurling, also known as ‘The Roaring Game; is a team game similar to bowls where a large stone weighing 42 pounds is pushed along the ice aiming for a series of concentric circles. The objective is for each team to get their stone closest to the innermost circle.

This is done by intensely ‘brushing the ice’ in front of the stone thus melting it and aiding the stone to slide toward it’s intended target.

The game originated in Scotland and was very popular in the 1500 and 1600’s when Scottish winters were especially cold. Perthshire boasts 3 Curling rinks in Perth, Pitlochry and Kinross. Curling is a Winter Olympic Sport and the game soared in popularity when Rhona Martin and her team won the Gold Medal for Britain. They proudly brought the medal home to a rapturous welcome in 2002.

It is possible to take up the sport at any age and reach a very high standard in a short space of time.

There are a number of Curling Clubs in Perthshire where you may want to watch a club compete and can check out the match dates by contacting them directly. You can even book a curling lesson with an Olympic Coach.

Perthshire’s 2 Curling Rinks

  • Blairgowrie to Perth – 16 miles/25.5 kms
  • Blairgowrie to Kinross – 33 miles/53 kms 

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